Mason started in radio at age 14 in Los Angeles answering phones for Program Director Rick Carroll at 102.7 ( Now KIIS-FM). At age 15 Scott acquired his 3rd Class Broadcast endorsed FCC License. When Rick Carroll and most of the KKDJ staff were released Scott moved to K-100. At K-100 Scott was a board operator and worked for Eric Chase. During this time Scott obtained his First Class FCC License.
In late 1970s Scott moved to a new L.A. Radio station called Ten-Q where he was an entry level engineer and answered request lines. Ten-Q had a Country FM sister station KGBS that Scott was a weekend DJ on. Scott also worked at KKOK (KBIK) in Lompoc on weekends during this time. Scott stayed at Ten-Q and KGBS until 1979 when it was sold and about to turn Spanish language.
In May 1979 Rick Carroll was hired to run KROQ-FM. Rick hired Scott to be a weekend D.J. and Chief Engineer while he was still a teenager. Since that time Scott has worked every airshift on KROQ-FM at one time or another. Scott was an original host of Loveline with The Poorman, and Dr. Drew Pinsky.
One Saturday afternoon in 1981 Scott called himself "Spacin' Scott Mason" on the air. He was immediately called on the hotline by Rick Carroll. Rick told him to continue to use that as a radio name.

Scott Mason and Bean
Scott Mason and Bean

In 1999, Infinity Broadcasting's CFO Farid Suleman put Scott on the companies Y2K team. The outgrowth of that team was the CBS Radio Regional Engineering team. Scott is now the West Coast Director of Engineering for CBS Radio, as well as maintaining his on-air shift at KROQ-FM.
Mason continues to host "OpenLine", which is KROQ-FM's Public Affairs program. The show is heard every Sunday morning from 6-7 AM. In 2006 the Openline show was also heard on KCBS-FM /JACK-FM. In 2008 the show was also broadcast in Los Angeles on K-Earth 101 ( renamed " The Forum" for K-Earth broadcasts) and on 94.7 The Wave KTWV. On-Line the show and can also be found streaming at, KROQ.Com, ROQ of the 80',,,
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