The Memories of VNHS 50s

Four years afer Van Nuys was established Van Nuys High School was established in 1914. For years the nly high schools in the valley were Van Nuys, Owensmouth, San Fernando, North Hollywood. The f the school are crismen grey . The schools team name is Wolves. It belonging to the Los Angeles Unified School District. The school is home to a Residntial Progam and 3 Magnet Programs. The programs include Math/Science , Perfroming arts , and Mdical. Many movies were filmed in Van Nuys school. The flims are ; Fast Times At Ridgemont High , Sleepwalkers , Kid 'n Play's Class Act , My Stepmother is an Alien, and many others. The famous Actor Marylin Monore attened Van Nuys High School. In the 50s Marylin Monore came to this school. She lived in the Van Nuys area , because of her aunt that she came to live with in the valley . She attened this school 74 years ago.

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The famous actor Marylin Monore
The Van Nuys High Schools Newspaper in the 50s

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The drive-in theatre at Van Nuys

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Van Nuys in the 50s