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Van Nuys High School was indeed established in 1915. Although, the first graduating ceremony was held in 1914 for a small group of students that had previously attended different high schools. Legitimately making the class of 2014 The Centennials. The issue has been discussed between high authority figures of the school, they decided that even though the first graduating ceremony that took place for students that did attend Van Nuys High School was in the year 1915, the first graduating ceremony to take place in the school took place back in 1914. =
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The campus was used as a location for the 1982 movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Ridgemont High's mascot in the movie was the same as Van Nuys High School—a wolf, which remains VNHS's mascot today.
The horror films Christine and Sleepwalkers, both written by Stephen King, were filmed at Van Nuys High School.
Some perhaps less well known movies filmed at Van Nuys High include Kid 'n Play's Class Act and My Stepmother is an Alien (featuring Kim Basinger). Parts of Grease were also filmed at VNHS, as were scenes in the Disney film "Starstruck".
In addition, the pilot episode of The Wonder Years and several episodes of Highway to Heaven were filmed there, as was The Ramones' punk-rock movie classic Rock 'n' Roll High School.
The music video of Vitamin C's Graduation song was filmed at Van Nuys High School. An episode of Apple's Way 1974-1975 Vince Van Patten was filmed on the football field. An episode of Scrubs was filmed on the track field. An episode of 7th Heaven was filmed there as well, as was an episode of Twin Peaks. 2009 film Love at First Hiccup was also filmed at the front of the school and in the school's quad.
A 2009 music video "About a Girl" by The Academy Is... was also filmed in Van Nuys High School. Also, several episodes of the 2010 series "Parenthood" were shot in the school's library and quad area.
VNHS was used as the location for many of the scenes in the 80's TV series "The White Shadow".
The 2014 music video for the song "Unlimited" made by the clothing company Old Navy was filmed around Van Nuys High School.

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